Type: House
Location: Even Yehuda
Size: 170 square meters / 1830 ft
Program: Young family
Status: Completed

A young couple and their three children wished for a rural environment for their modern life living.

Situated just half an hour drive from Tel-Aviv, surrounded by fields and landscapes, this was exactly the ideal area where this young couple wanted to raise their three boys, giving them and themselves a sense of openness, a place to run freely, physically and mentally, where nature is all around. And still, having all the urban facilities right around the corner.

This was also the concept for this house. Creating a mix of an urban and rural feeling, a mix of materials, lots of wood and iron, natural materials mixed with the industrialized, new carpentry with the old. A sense of modern rustic.

The house itself, needed a full renovation. A new layout was planned, which included demolishing walls, repositioning the front door and kitchen, changing functions, essentially widening and opening up the space, allowing a natural flow from one side of the house to the other. From the living area kitchen and lounge, right to the other end where the parent’s bedroom is situated, a new connection was created. The old corridor that led to the bedroom was demolished, and a new large space was made. Two large doors allow the parents privacy when needed.

New openings in the exterior walls were created, implementing black steel windows and doors, on each side of the house, and new viewpoints were achieved, while gaining more light and air. The outside became part of the interior giving the ground floor a sense of flow and openness.

For the second floor, where the kid’s rooms, a playroom area, and their bathroom are located, a lighter palette was implemented. A white wooden floor was chosen, as opposed to the dark floor on the first floor, so that while climbing up the stairs to the second floor, there is a new airy and light feeling to it all.

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