Type: Room
Location: Tel-Aviv
Size: 7 square meters / 75 ft
Program: Young man 
Status: Completed
This project focuses on a single room in an apartment in Tel Aviv, where a young man resides. This room is just 7m 2 (75 ft). The client wanted it to function as his study workspace, and as a guest room as well. So the new design had to accommodate a regular size single bed, storage space and a large desk.

Basic materials were chosen – concrete, steel and wood.

In order to give this small room a spacious feeling, having all these numerous functions, a mostly open steel shelving system was designed, part of it with steel doors. This serves as a storage space, clothes cupboard for guests, and of course can be used by the client for storage in general. The shelves themselves are made from wood painted a transparent black, letting the wood cracks come through. The steel structure was left unpainted, joints exposed, achieving a raw effect. This gives it an opposed quality of being simultaneously an airy lightweight design and at the same having a solid effect. Altogether these elements emphasize and play with interesting compositions.

Perpendicular above is another storage unit, this one made of MDF painted a light grey, positioned high enough above the bed so that it gives the person laying down a sense of space and at the same time an intimate feeling. The bed itself has also a large storage underneath, designed especially to store spare folding chairs as the client enjoys entertaining quite a lot. It has also room for a vacuum cleaner and more objects. The desk is large, made of concrete with two steel frames as legs. This is a simple design, it is a very comfortable size desk, positioned beside the window, allowing a pleasant work mode, always having lovely daylight poor in and air come through. When the client approached me to plan and design this small room, I took into consideration the materials used throughout the apartment and naturally the client’s wish for practicality mixed with raw materials.