Family APT. No | 8

Type: Apartment

Location: Tel Aviv, IL

Size: 65 SQM

Program: Couple + 2

Status: Completed

The project is on: xnet

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This apartment went through a complete renovation. All inner walls were demolished and a new layout was designed tailor made for a young family. The challenging dimensions of the apartment, just 4 meters wide and 15 meters long, together with the client’s essential wishes for lots of storage, dictated the new layout. A 5.5 meter long storage unit was designed along the only windowless wall. This storage ends in the children’s room, becoming their private cupboard. A sliding door locks into the cupboard when privacy is needed. All in all 8 meters of storage space was designed for this small apartment. All storage solutions, including the sliding door, the kitchen and the lightweight steel structured bookshelf were designed by the studio. The design concept uses a basic monochromatic scheme added by blocks of colour, and using metal elements and a wooden flooring. The result is a colourful and relaxed space. Photos: Galit Deutsch

Renovation :