Materials & Compositions 7SQM

Type: Room

Location: Tel Aviv, IL

Size: 7 SQM

Program: Multi Functional

Status: Completed

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This project focuses on a single 7 SQM room. The client wanted it to function as a study workspace, a guest room, and as a storage room. The design had to accommodate a regular size single bed, storage space and a large desk. The concept was to incorporate basic raw materials as concrete, steel and wood, and to achieve practical solutions for this very small space and these specific needs. In order to give this small room a spacious feeling, a mostly open steel shelving system was designed. This serves as a storage space and a clothes cupboard for guests. The shelves themselves are made from wood painted a transparent black, letting the wood cracks come through. The steel structure was left unpainted, joints exposed, achieving a raw effect and an airy lightweight design. Perpendicular above is another storage unit, made of MDF painted a light grey, positioned high enough above the bed so that it gives the person laying down a sense of space and at the same time an intimate feeling. The bed itself has also a large storage underneath, designed especially to store spare folding chairs as the client enjoys entertaining quite a lot. It has also room for a vacuum cleaner and more objects. The large concrete desk with two steel framed legs is positioned beside the window, allowing a very pleasant work mode, where natural daylight pours in. Altogether these different elements and materials emphasize and play with interesting compositions in this 7 SQM space. // Photos: Gidon Levin

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